What is Relationship Anarchy?

Traditionally, we categorize our relationships with labels, usually either as romantic or platonic. These labels are prescriptive; they determine the boundaries and expectations of the relationship, and not the other way around. Relationships anarchy is a descriptive approach to relationships; labels are chosen to suit what each person wants out of the relationships or, moreContinue reading “What is Relationship Anarchy?”

The Power of Reappropriation Protest

In an increasingly progressive society, marginalized groups are more and more being empowered to fight prejudice and hatred wherever it appears. This kind of protest can take many forms; reappropriation is one form of protest in which groups fight disparaging words, symbols, and narratives by adopting them for their own use. This type of protestContinue reading “The Power of Reappropriation Protest”

A Case for Representation

Marginalized groups have long campaigned for more equal representation in the media; they want to see more people like them in books, movies, shows, games, and other forms of entertainment. Many people outside those groups, however, don’t understand why they make such a big deal of it or why current efforts to improve representation areContinue reading “A Case for Representation”