The Problem With Functioning Labels

Autism is a disorder that most people are vaguely familiar with. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about autism—often perpetuated by the media—that people have taken as granted. Among these misconceptions is the idea that people with autism can be broadly classified as “high-functioning” or “low-functioning.” I’m going to explain why terms like theseContinue reading “The Problem With Functioning Labels”

When Does a Difference Become a Disorder?

A common form of hate minority communities face is people pathologizing their differences—telling them that they have a disorder, that they’re mentally ill, that they need treatment, etc. Queer deal with this a lot; people tell them that their sexuality or gender identity is an illness that needs to be “cured.” Far from good-faith attemptsContinue reading “When Does a Difference Become a Disorder?”